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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drink beer, do science, get paid

Ha! Science needs you, dear drinker, to contribute to it's body of knowledge. Go be experimented upon. UVA's Center for Addiction Research and Education is looking for people they can pay to drink. Up to $200. That's like a 2000% discount. Best. drink. special. ever.

Do you like to drink Beer?
Volunteers ages 21 to 45 are needed for a new investigational medication study
examining cravings for alcohol. Participants will take two 5-day periods of an
investigational medication (Strattera®) and make 5 outpatient visits to the UVa C.A.R.E.
clinic. On two visits, participants are asked to rate their mood and craving levels after
drinking alcohol. Study-related tests include blood, urine, and breath alcohol level.
Medication and mental and physical exams are provided at no charge.
Compensation is up to $200.

ATX Alcohol Study IRB-HSR #13464

UVa Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences
Phone: (434) 243-0545 ask for ATX Study
Principal Investigator: Heather M. Haughey, Ph.D.


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