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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Virginian, Orzo, and Applebees late night

Some long overdue updates.

Some stuff went away at the Virginian and they added $5 top shelf bourbon on Mondays and $3 rails on Tuesdays.

Orzo has been added to the list with an $18 2-course pasta dinner on Mondays and $5 glasses of wine at the wine bar on Thursdays. We're getting fancy here. The happy hour crowd can enjoy a nice meal once in a while too.

Applebees on 29 has ½ off appetizers and $3 Bud Light Sunday—Thursday late-night (after 9pm, but not sure if it ends at midnight or at closing). Also $3 Miller Lights and Mucho Margaritas all day every day.

I'm too lazy to find a vaguely related Amazon affiliate link to stick here.

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