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Monday, August 30, 2010

Top of the Hops Beer Festival?

All on Sept 11:
I'm hearing all kinds of talk about Top of the Hops. Let's do some maths again. $35 (advanced) ticket for 30 "sampling tokens" good for 2 oz samples. And some other stuff.

$35 ÷ 60oz = $0.58/oz

As usual we reference the handy dandy price chart. Paying to drink at Top of the Hops is like paying $7 for a can of beer. It's a $35 pitcher. It's like paying $146 to play in this year's flip cup league. Right? What am I missing?

Top of the Hops is not Special, but if you think the variety is worth $7 cans, then Top of the Hops is for you.

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