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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cville Social's flip cup league taking registrations

The Charlottesville Sports and Social club is taking registrations for it's Fall league, which includes a flip cup league. Last season, I analyzed the cost of beer through the league, and it wasn't bad. It was of course cheaper to drink alone in your basement, but that's not as fun.

This season they've increased the price to $45 and removed two nights from regular season to make it 6 games. Assuming you suck at flip cup and don't make it into the tourney, let's see how the price stacks up…

18¢ per ounce? You're better off buying $2 cans of PBR at…pretty much any bar that has cans of PBR. But if you're willing to pay an extra 1¢ per ounce—in 2 ounce increments—for the experience of weekly team tournament flip cup, then this league is for you.


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