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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where is the Sparks Lemon Stinger?

Here in Charlottesville, red Sparks is new. But red Sparks isn't really new. Yellow Sparks is. Sparks Lemon Stinger. Word on the street (midwestern streets, that is…won't find Lemon Stinger on local streets) is that this is the best of flavor of Sparks yet. I hate all Sparks, but that's what Sparks drinkers tell me.

This guy also has an in-depth analysis of Sparks Lemon Stinger:


So I've been trying to find some Sparks Lemon Stinger. It doesn't exist. The distributors for Charlottesville, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, and Roanoke don't carry it and have no plans to carry it. Sad.

Then I discovered Frank at Two Holes Are Better Than One, whose goal this year is to shotgun a different canned beverage every day for one year. Genius. And this video:

Yes, that is a Sparks Lemon Stinger in Richmond. Hope.

Or not. That Sparks came from "somewhere in Kentucky." Our sources in Richmond (Frank, from Two Holes Are Better Than One) say Richmond doesn't have Sparks Lemon Stinger either. Fail whale.

UPDATE: Richmond stores do sell Lemon Stinger after all. At least, the convenience store on Broad Street, a block from the convention center sells them. And another update… saw Lemon Stinger at Lucky 7. So they have it in Charlottesville after all.

Speaking of Sparks, I need a new Sparks plug for my car.
If you have kids, you can learn how Sparks will make your kids better at life.
By the way, I'm totally jamming out to the old Sparks album, Kimono My House. It reminds me of my half-Japanese heritage. Because they're wearing kimonos. Which come from Japan. Where I am half from.

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