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Sunday, April 22, 2012

True American Drinking Game

A good excuse to post Zooey Deschanel…
Rules to New Girl’s True American

Game prep: 
Arrange the cans of beer around the bottle of rum. The cans are Pawns of the Secret Order, the rum is the King, and the arrangement is called the Castle. 
Decide on 4 Zones, and arrange platforms ( chairs, buckets, anything ) in patterns through them. The 5th Zone is the Zone with the castle. You must follow the chair path through the zones. 
You can do team play or free for all play. If you choose free for all, chanting is then done in a set layer rotation. If you choose team play, only one person on your team has to reach the finish. Chanting in teams is done team rotation, with team members swapping the chant. 
To choose teams, count down from 3, and on 0 raise your right hand to your forehead, displaying a number from 1 to 5. Anyone with the same number is on your team. 
To start, someone shotguns a beer. This person chants first. 
Someone yells “1, 2, 3, 4 JFK”. Everyone else yells “FDR”, drinks, and gets off the floor. 
The floor is now lava. Stepping into it causes you to lose. You can start at the beginning of the Zone you are in, or choose to sit out. If you choose to sit out, you start over from Zone 1 if you decide to rejoin. 
If everyone is standing, no one is drinking or moving, the player who is next to chant may chant the name of 2 presidents. If you know something in common between the 2, you may chant it back and drink ( an example would be chanting “Abe Lincoln, George Washington” and having everyone yell back “Cherry tree”. Anyone who yelled back can now drink ). If you don’t know anything in common, you don’t get to drink. The chanter always drinks. 
Players can also chant “1, 2, 3”. If this happens, do the number selection again. If your number is alone, you get to drink and move forward. If your number has partners, you don’t drink or move. 
The third option is chanting “JFK” and everyone else chants “FDR” and drinks. No moving forward, unless you finish your drink. 
You also get to move forward when you finish your drink. 
Empty cans are all tossed to the same Zone. This is to keep the area somewhat clean. If someone throws a can into the wrong Zone, go back to the beginning of the Zone that player is in. You can use a bin as a target. Cans do NOT have to go in. 
If you reach the King, you have to take a drink from the King to win. If you can’t, go back to the beginning of your Zone. 
If you don’t know presidents well, you can any two things. 
If you move or drink when you’re not supposed to, you go back to the beginning of the Zone you’re in. 
Players are encouraged to lie to each other. Good luck and have fun.

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