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Friday, April 20, 2012

FAF and other weekend stuff

Fridays After Five starts today at the Pavilion! Free local (sometimes good, sometimes crap) music, $5 beers (domestic beers are bigger), some of the money goes to charity, good place to run into old friends.

A wine festival is at the Pavilion on Saturday afternoon. The Taste of Monticello Wine Trail festival is from 1pm to 6pm and is $29 in advance ($35 at door) to taste a bunch of wines from a bunch of Virginia wineries.

The Blue Ridge Oyster Festival (link currently broken—try facebook) is also on Saturday at Devil's Backbone Brewing Company. $6 for 6 oysters, $6 pints, and other stuff. Mmmm, barely-in-season-oysters…delicious nonetheless.

None of these are the cheapest ways to eat or drink. But what's better than drinking outside with a bunch of friends on a sunny* spring day?

*If you ignore the 70% chance of thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are fun too.


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