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Monday, October 18, 2010

The drink specials for tomorrow at Boylan

Cville Drink Specials Bar Night is tomorrow (Tuesday)! Here's a concise list of the specials they'll have. Yes, they'll have all these drink specials all night (except where noted otherwise). Come out, bring friends, ruin your Wednesday.

$2 drafts
$2 bottles
$1 domestic beers w/ Boylan koozie 8pm–11pm
$5 domestic pitchers
$7 pitchers
$2 cheap beer (Boylan’s choice) pitcher 7pm–8pm
$3 cheap beer (Boylan’s choice) pitcher 8pm–9pm
$3.50 aluminum bottles Bud
$3.50 aluminum bottles Bud Light

$3 rails
New Test Tube Shots for Tuesdays

$3 Jim Beam
$4 Makers
$5 any whiskey

$3 Cruzan
$4 Grey Goose 5–6pm
$4 Firefly

$3 long islands 5–6pm
$3 margaritas
$3 kamikaze
$4 cosmos

$3 glass of wine
$10 bottles of wine

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