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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ok fine, here are Baja's specials

Apparently Baja has a new chef, so maybe I'll give it another try. Maybe. Probably not. But here are their specials, thanks to friendly reader Katie. Some of them are pretty good.

sunday 5-8p: 1/2 off apps with purchase of an entree, sunday feature 9p-2a: $1.50 pbr cans, $2.50 natty light 24oz
monday 5-8p: $5 any pitcher with purchase of app, monday feature 9p-2a: $1 rolling rock, open mic night
tues 5-8p: $6 fajitas, tues 9p-2a $3 sauza tequila and $2 malibu / malibu flavors, Karaoke
weds 5-8p: $5 all you can eat tacos weds feature 9p-2a: $3 pitchers of baja gold
thurs 5-8p: $3 apps, and thursday is margarita night! 3pm-9pm $3 rail margs, includes fruit flavors
thurs feature 9p-2a: $2 Va Gentleman bourbon, $3 smirnoff vodka flavors, Karaoke
friday and saturday $1 tacos from 5-8
friday featured progressive 10p-2a: ($1 rail drinks from 10-11, $2 11-12, $3 12-1, $4 1-2), also $5 jager bombs after 10pm
saturday feature 9p-2a: $3 rails, $3 double dirty shirley

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