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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zinc gets a blog and pet pigs

Zinc started a blog. They bought 2 pigs that will be raised well (I assume, since they're showing them off), slaughtered, and served at the restaurant come June. I get it—hey look, good farming practices, healthy food.

But do you really want to name our food and tell us their life stories? It's like the hey-I'm-a-new-parent blogs that feature the gestation, genesis, and growth of their brand new babies. Cute enough if they're friends or family, but jesus christ, not if the kid's gonna be the main course at thanksgiving dinner. Am I going to want to eat little Mr. Wiggles and Doobie after I follow 4 months of their journey through life? Do my friends facebook my dog (yes, she has a facebook page ... leave me alone) so they can eat her some day? I hope not.


  1. Pigs are neither human children nor domesticated pets. Are your comparisons valid? I think not.

  2. You're right, "I think not" sucks. I'll change it to I hope not.

    Pigs could be pets, and dogs could be meat though.

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