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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Penthouse Photo Pop!

Discovered a new game. Nudie photo hunt better watch out, cuz Penthouse Photo Pop is in town. Classier ladies (and by classy I mean not ugly) and more modern attire (and by more I mean more modern, not more attire) with that same eyeball 'n finger twitching excitement.

You know what sucks? When they have the little touchscreen game machine sitting on the bar, and you and your friends get all excited for some team nudie photo hunt Penthouse Photo Pop action, and all it has is the find-the-difference-between-the-mountains-and-squirrels-and-cubscouts-gone-fishing version of photo hunt. Biggest. Let down. Ever.

So we're gonna start keeping track of who has nudie photo hunt now. And Penthouse Photo Pop.

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