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Monday, January 11, 2010

Late night food downtown

Do townies and grad students not get the hungers from the drinkies? What's with the non-exisitence of late night food downtown? I'm starving here. Sure, C&O has delicious bbq and other dishes until late. It's 2. They're closed. I'm hungry.

Ooo, I know! Last Call Dogs—mmm hot dogs from a yellow truck. Where are they tonight?...check the Twitter... Of course they haven't updated their location. And they're at Coupe's anyway. They're always at Coupe's. That does me no good. If I'm walking a mile in the butt cold I'm getting a Mojo Chicken from Little Johns. And I'm not walking a mile in the butt cold. Waaaah, I want to whine like a little baby. Waaah, I'm hungry.

Wait what? There is late night food? Late night food until 5am?! There has been this whole time? You are effing kidding me. Hallelujah! According to the folks at Mas to Millers, Asia Specialty has a late-night menu until 5am on weekends. I'll have my people add it to the list.

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